Jun 29, 2011

How Can Red Wine Help You?

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These days, people are really watching what they eat. However, a new trend appears to be that people are beginning to watch what they drink as well. Alcohol is usually blamed for many long-term health-related illnesses, but is it really deserving of this reputation? Many wine enthusiasts will tell you about it, pointing out the “French Paradox” as evidence, but many people will ask, ‘Is red wine good for you?”. Despite the alcohol content, there is a lot of research that will lead people to believe that it may actually hold some health benefits, such as lowering the risk of heart disease, lowering high blood pressure, reducing cancer and even helping you to live longer. So let’s take a look at this question and see if your everyday health could benefit from red wine.
To start off, no one should regards red wine is a miracle “cure-all” of all sorts of diseases. If you expect to improve your health, you need to be sure that your daily intake of red wine doesn’t exceed two standard glasses per day. You can be assured of getting many of the benefits red wine has to offer if you stick to this level of consumption. Lowering the levels of ‘bad cholesterol’, or low-density lipoproteins or LDL, in the body is one of the first benefits you’ll notice. This is due to the number of antioxidants (called flavonoids) contained in good quality red wine.In addition to this great benefit, levels of HLD, or high-density lipoproteins or ‘good cholesterol’, are simultaneously increased which adds to its heart-disease fighting ability.
So how does this add to your long-term health? By lowering the levels of LDL and increasing the levels of HDL, fatty deposits in your bloodstream are lowered significantly. By doing this, the risk of a heart attack is also significantly reduced.
You might be wondering at this point if cardiovascular improvement is the only benefit for drinking red wine. In reality, the health-related benefits of drinking a glass or two of red goes much further than just lowering your risk for heart attack. Because red wine has a large amount of antioxidants in it (due mostly to leaving the skins on the grapes during fermentation), you’ll find high levels of a substance called resveratrol. Recent scientific reports show that resveratrol may be responsible for lowering the growth rates of malignant tumours. Leading cancers, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer, could be lower by people adopting a diet that includes red wine. Nerve cell formation might even benefit from the properties of resveratrol. If this research is proven to be true, it could revolutionize treatment of neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease, as it could mean patients including red wine as part of their diets.
Despite this research, some people will wonder if there is any proof of these benefits outside of the lab. In reality, there is actual evidence outside of the lab of these benefits! People or cultures who have a “Mediterranean Diet” (which tends to be quite high in saturated fats) seem to have lower rates of heart disease, despite the link between saturated fats and heart attacks being well known. The difference seems to be that this type of diet has a higher intake of red wine. As previously mentioned, research seems to suggest that the lining of blood vessels is better protected due to the antioxidants in wines, particularly of red varieties. So, simply by drinking a glass or two of red wine each day, you can lower your risk for heart disease and even cancer, thus extending your longevity!
The health benefits of red wine are well known and supported by a large section of the medical fraternity. Consuming a glass or two of red wine each day has been linked to a reduction in heart disease, and even has the possibility of lowering the risk of some forms of cancer. So if someone wants to know , ‘Is red wine good for you?’, you can put your hand on your heart and answer with a confident , “YES!!”.So open up a bottle of red wine and drink to your health!

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