Jun 28, 2011

Utilizing Social Bookmarking Sites Properly To Gain Site Visitors

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Social bookmarking can be used to generate traffic for just about every kind of website out there. People using these informational portals are typically looking for the kind of information that is immediately usable and if you can provide that, you’ll not only get liked by these users, you will end up attracting the exactly right kind of visitors for your website. The very best part about social bookmarking traffic is that it doesn’t force you to limit yourself to just one niche or two; you can promote any site you want to promote and still get traffic to go to it. But it all boils down to providing value; what you sow is what you reap.

Incorporate Your Friends: What powers these social bookmarking sites is the community. The more people you get to like and vote on your content, the better your results will be. So why not involve your friends? We all know a bunch of people that can contribute and help. This doesn’t have to be done unethically or doesn’t mean you’re trying to game the system; your main objective here is to grow the exposure of your site through these social sites. If your friends genuinely enjoy your posts, why wouldn’t they vote for you?

Stay Ahead of the Crowd: Social bookmarking is becoming more popular as an effective method of generating traffic but that means that you need to be aware of your competitors and keep at the front of the crowd. You have to stay alert when you use social bookmarking sites to generate traffic for yourself because even a little bit of leniency will give away some of your ground to your competitors. For example, if your targeted niche is “dog training” then keep giving away valuable information to the users by bookmarking new informative resources that they will find useful. This helps you stay competitive within your niche as well as get social bookmarking sites to work for you.

Keep Your Content Submissions Current: People want to read or consume content that is current. If you happen across something important in your niche that could help people in your audience you can write an article or blog post about it for your own site and then submit that link to the social bookmarking sites. Bringing out the interest of your target audience is all about being ahead of the crowd. When you don’t grab hold of a presented opportunity, somebody else will, so stay awake. Turn into a Valuable User: This means that you shouldn’t limit yourself to bookmarking only your own stuff; bookmark other things too. It is never a good thing if you come across as a spammer whose sole objective is purely self promotion. This is why you need to make sure you use the social bookmarking account for regular activities too.

All in all, a social bookmarking site can be a fantastic place to gather up your targeted traffic if you are able to give the users the things they want.

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