Jun 24, 2011

Home Gym Equipment Review: The Vectra VX48 Multi-Gym

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Most people are knowledgeable of the fact that exercising routinely is extremely helpful to the mind, body and spirit. In no more than half an hour – three times weekly, you will be able to firm muscles, build strength, and enhance your heart health. From time to time, we have problems getting started on it. If you’re not the sort of person to join a gym, perhaps working out at home is a better option. To get yourself going, you simply have to have 2 pieces of home gym equipment: one used for power training, the second for cardiovascular training. The treadmill is a great option for the cardio part of your routine. For strength training, a home gym is both versatile and effective. Read further for details concerning a home gym that we regard as being especially useful and an excellent product – the Vectra VX48 Multi-Gym

Home Gym Equipment: Major Attributes of the Vectra VX48 Multi-Gym

Made by industry leader Vectra, the VX48 is among the highest ranked products in the company. Its complete collection of parts, actions, and workouts accredits it as being one of the premium ones available today. If you’re actually devoted to becoming physically fit and maintaining your that condition, you have to back up that decision with the very best home gym equipment. The VX48 will be a priceless supporter in helping you to follow up on your good intentions. If you happen to know someone, like a friend or significant other with who you’d enjoy exercising with, you’ll be glad to know that the VX48 will hold a number of exercisers at once, plus it is certified for light commercial work. The way the machine is made and the way it works permits exercisers to do an assorted series of exercises and motions effectively and fluidly.

Home Gym Equipment: Additional Details On the Vectra VX48 Multi-Gym

Priced at about ?9100, the VX48 isn’t for everyone. It has a very stylish look about it boasting its shiny silver frame and black upholstery. It has a frame that’s stands up to the most dynamic exercise regimen because it is manufactured of strong steel which has been welded and safeguarded with an excellent, hardwearing powder coat veneer. The pulleys are extremely long-lasting as they are created out of fibreglass reinforced nylon and feature ball bearing hubs. The cables are, on the inside, greased and are also layered with nylon. Cables are of aircraft criterion and have tensile strength of 907kg and have 7 x 19 strand construction.

Home Gym Equipment: Some Important Characteristics of the Vectra VX48

The machine comes with every accessory needed, including weight stack guards, padded abdominal/triceps strap, padded ankle strap, lat bar, curl bar, D-handle, squat attachments, low row/calf block, adjustable lat hold-down, cambered bar, and an informative exercise/safety poster. The original Vector bench has 7 settings, plus an one-touch adjustment from 15? decline to a shoulder press. With its ergonomically minded design, the machine offers full and adjustable back support, and the seat pad automatically adjusts to the correct angle. The bench is great for exercising with free weights, since the spring-loaded wheels are retractable so that it will definitely stay in place once its in use.

The Vectra VX38 multi-gym is an excellent piece of very useful home gym equipment.

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