Jun 24, 2011

Dog Training Methods-Help My Dog Is Out Of Control

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Select a dog that matches your life-style, quite a few people choose dogs that are “cute” or “funny”. Or buy them on a whim. This is not a good way to choose a pet. A dog, depending on the breed, can be a 15 year relationship. You want to be sure that the temperament of your dog matches your lifestyle. So by all means do your research and be honest about what kind of activity level you have in your life. Don’t get a dog that needs a lot of activity because you need a reason to take a walk and lose some weight. You and the dog will end up frustrated.

It is easier to start from scratch.  Rescue dogs are great but often times they have already formulated bad habits and require a lot more training. Dogs that have spent the majority of their life in a pound or kennel may take much longer to bond with humans and some may never fully become part of the “pack”. Pound and rescue dogs may have been victims of abuse or neglect and may not trust humans or may exhibit a lot of undesirable behaviors early on. If you are inexperienced or do not have a lot of time to devote to training, starting with a puppy may be a much better option.

Prepare todevote 10-15 minutes every day to training. This is all it takes to train a dog. Any longer and your dog will become tired and resentful. Any less and they will not retain the information as well.

Establish who in the family is going to be the trainer Dogs are pack animals and take instructions only from the pack leader. A pack can only have one leader. Decide who will be responsible for the dogs training and do not let anyone else teach the dog anything new until they have mastered the basics.

Give the dog a name that is practical The experts say that a dog’s name should end in a vowel because it is easier for them to understand. Don’t make it too fancy or long or the dog might not know you are talking to it. Use the dog’s name often when you are petting it and when you are feeding it. Do not use it as part of teaching them a new command or they may associate their name with that command instead. Use their name when you want their attention. Train them to look at your face by saying their name and gently turning their face up toward yours. When you are training it is important that they have all their attention on you. Calling their name should mean “look at the pack leader”.

Share your training rules with the rest of the family If you are training your dog not to jump on people and the kids let the dog jump all over them, this will undermine your training work. Once you have established your expectations with the dog, they need to be reinforced by everyone consistently but again, no one except the “pack leader” should ever train the dog

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