Jun 22, 2011

The Louvre Museum, a must see attraction in Paris

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L'Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel - Musée du Louvre

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Ensconced inside the heart of Paris near the Seine, the Louvre is a museum that was originally a palace, which was inhabited by French monarchs. Right after the incarceration of Louis XVI, the artifacts in the Louvre that belonged to the royal family, became a residence of France. The palace became a repository from the year 1793 AD. But the museum had numerous architectural defects then. Napoleon added towards museum’s collections through his conquests. However, many artifacts had to become returned to their original owners after Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo.

Located in Paris, the Louvre has been the most famous and most visited museums inside world. Placed on a Right Bank within the First Arrondissement, the Louvre was built in an area among the Seine River as well as the Rue de Rivoli. This building was originally applied like a fortress, and later was utilized to display art and transformed into a museum.

The museum was formally opened in 1750, and a lot on the building was used being a gallery to showcase artist’s works. It allowed all well-known men and women from inside France and abroad to view the gallery. Entrance towards museum from the form of the combined ticket (which grants admission to all permanent collections in addition to any temporary exhibits) is 13 euros.

The Louvre Museum is over merely an art museum. Originally built as a castle over a city’s western edge, the city has expanded within the Louvre in modern times. While Philippe Auguste was in power in France from 11-80 to 1223, Paris was the largest city in Europe. The Louvre was originally constructed to protect the border on the city, during the edge with the Seine River. During Louis XIV‘s reign, the fortress was expanded and during the reign of Henri II and his sons, plans had been produced to extend the fortress all the way to the Tuileries palace 500 meters west in the Louvre. For this reason the currently standing Grande Galerie was built. Whilst Louis XIII and Louis XIV have been in power, the fortress was expanded further, but following the building of Versailles, the Louvre of Paris was temporarily forgotten.

There will genuinely be something of interest for everybody at The Louvre, just like children, and it undoubtedly lives up to its popularity from the most effective museum to visit once in Paris, but do bear in mind that it is closed each Tuesday and on national holidays, but is open from 9am to 6pm each other day and also includes a late night opening on a Wednesday until 10pm.

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