Jun 22, 2011

Finding Strength in the Bible

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Throughout the years, the bible has been a source of strength and encouragement for people. Right now across the world, people are looking for a source of strength. With all the natural disasters and the economic woes people are facing, they need something to encourage and inspire them.

I don’t know about you, but many times in my life I have felt like just giving up. I was feeling hopeless and helpless. It is during those times that the bible has been a lifesaver to me. I know that the bible is not always looked upon as the coolest or hippest thing to read, but in it contains very valuable lessons of life.

Where do you find strength? Some find strength in friends and family, others find it in motivational quotes or sayings, still others find it in not so healthy ways such as intoxicants or illegal drugs. Which in my opinion do not give a person strength at all.

I have found strength in something that has been time tested and lasted for thousands of years, the Bible! Yes the bible has hundreds of verses that talk of how to find strength, especially in hard times. If you need strength, maybe it is time to go to our true source of strength and ask our creator how to make it through tough times.

The Bible is a book that has lasted for centuries. It is the all time world best seller. Why do people treasure and use the bible even today in modern society? Without getting into theological issues, I find that many times the reason people find strength in the bible is because it was written by different men at different times in history in all types of different situations. Because of this there are many bible verses about strength in it’s pages.

The bible is filled with hero’s and villains. It is filled with triumphs and failures, and so many people find inspiration and encouragement within it’s pages. It is filled with such sayings as “trust in the Lord” and “Be bold and be strong for the Lord is with you”. Consider how comforting those words are to someone who is having financial trouble or who have lost a loved one? Wouldn’t you find strength in sayings such as that?

Recently I was going through a hard time in my life and I stumbled upon a Christian blog called Taber’s Truths. In this blog was an article written by Pastor Duke that had a list of bible verses about strength. This list was awesome! It showed my how to regain my strength and have hope again! It has over 125 articles that help people in their Christian walk. One of the articles I found was a list of bible verses about strength. It really gives encouraging verses from the scriptures on how to find strength during hard times.

The good book has always been a great source to turn to when you are facing tough times. Pastor Duke is very good about not being religious, yet filling you with faith and courage. He is one of the few Christians I have seen that are not in this for the money but truly doing the Lord’s work. I don’t know about you, but when you find gems of this sort, you like to share them. So I hope you will take my advice and go check out Pastor Duke’s Christian Blog called Taber’s Truths.

I don’t know about you, but I have found during this time of natural disasters and financial hardships the one source of true strength is readily available. Give the bible a chance. You won’t be disappointed! It won’t let you down.

Check out what is in my opinion the Top Christian Blog and read the list of Bible Verses about Strength

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I am the pastor of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Pine Haven Wyoming and the Author of the Christian Blog Taber's Truths.

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I am the pastor of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Pine Haven Wyoming and the Author of the Christian Blog Taber's Truths.

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