Jun 18, 2011

The Zone Diet Plan

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Like the other quick weight loss diets, the Zone diet plan also has certain principles that dieters should follow to be more certain of achieving their weight loss goals. Zone diet reviews tell us that it is the best weight loss program because it is very easy to follow as long as focus on its principle is understood. The program believes that to lose weight more easily the body must be accustomed to eating the correct daily balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This is to control the blood sugar level in the blood stream.

If insulin production is kept at its proper rate, cravings are eliminated and the body burns more stored fats. But the key strategy to achieve balance is to gradually cut back the caloric intake. This is to give the body enough time to properly adjust to the changes in the person’s eating habits. In the zone diet plan, the caloric ratio is highly structured at 40-30-30 which refers to 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fats.

Its developer, Barry Sears, claims that the right protein to carbohydrate ratio allows the body to function to its optimal level and calls it as being “in the Zone“. As an effect to this, energy production is boosted, signs of aging are delayed, and certain chronic diseases are prevented. Also, the physical, mental, and psychological performance of the body is at its best. The zone diet reviews that men should maintain 15% body fat while women must only have 22% body fat. Like the other quick weight loss diets, the Zone diet is calculated based on the person’s daily protein needs and various according to age, gender, height, measurements of the hip and waist, and the activity level. The intake of carbohydrates and fats will depend on how much protein the person is required to have.

The Zone diet is divided into three stages. In stage one, which normally lasts for 2 weeks, the weight loss principles is learned while changes in the body are slowly occurring. Drinking a lot of water and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is highly recommended during meals and snacks. When the dieter enters stage two which will last for about four weeks, the balance in the body is achieved. This is the part where the 40-30-30 caloric ratio in every meal and snack is required.

To avoid untimely hunger, frequently eating in right portions is encouraged. Stage three is where being “in the Zone” is achieved. Health and wellness is a lifetime goal. That is why, carefully choosing the foods to be eaten and doing exercise routines for at least 30 minutes per day is highly advisable and will complement to the benefits of the best weight loss program. For less stress in exercising, Sears recommend doing 6 hours of walking per week while on Zone diet. Jogging can also be done for 3 hours per week. Other sports activities such as swimming, biking, and playing other favourite sports can also be engaged in. Living a very active lifestyle in the Zone diet plan contributes to the overall health of the person.

For more information on the zone diet plan, visit the quick weight loss diets resource site

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