Jun 16, 2011

Which is better a mid range or an expensive treadmill

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Physical fitness is extremely important. Even if you want to count the cost of keeping fit, it’s far less than the medical bills which you will have to foot if you don’t keep healthy.

It’s for this reason why many of us have started including some form of exercise in our lives, however an enormous number of us just don’t have the time to exercise. We do not want to spend an hour traveling just to ensure that we exercise for half that time.

It is because of this that we are all opting for home exercise machines, and simply because we know that health can’t be monetized we finish up buying the most costly machines because we feel that they are much better than the cheaper variants.

Well this really is not accurate. The more expensive machines are not necessarily better than the less expensive ones, and we will take the treadmill as an instance to substantiate our point.

Most treadmill manufacturers start off at a really low end basic machine that we’ll reject nearly as quickly as we see. They depend on the fact that simply because you are able to see a noticeable increment when it comes to quality features, the most expensive one is the best.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work this way. The cheapest treadmills will probably be the non-powered ones. These might not be what you are searching for.

Upgrade 1 – The powered treadmills start off a bit more expensive, but you get a really small running surface, and a bare basics display.

Upgrade 2 – In the event you go a little higher, you will get a longer running surface, a good quality display, some kind of cushioning system, perhaps a heart rate monitor, and a couple of programs thrown in as extra. You’ll get fans to help keep you cool, and speakers that you can plug your music player into.

Upgrade 3 – A little more higher in the money stakes and you find that you get extra programs, a much more powerful motor, an in home warranty, a bigger display, an extra fan, perhaps even better speakers along with a small monitor that can even connect to your Television station or function as a computer monitor.

Upgrade 4 – If you pay even more, you’ll get something that looks like it is stepped off a spaceship, will provide you with a lot of additional functions that you wouldn’t know where to start, and most significant of all, give you bragging rights because you have gotten your self a “branded” one.

The basic machine really changes very little from the second upgrade onwards. Every thing else is (unnecessary?) add ons. Getting additional programs may seem like a lot, but in reality isn’t that big a deal. If the manufacturer were of a mind to, he can give you all of the applications he has as there is no extra cost for loading it on to a machine. You are able to opt for a more complete warranty with any model you purchase.

While getting a big display might sound really cool, whenever you are running, it’s still going to be blurred. The blurring is because you are running, not because the monitor is low quality. Getting a more powerful motor may sound nice, but once again, as long as it’s guaranteed for life and doesn’t make too much noise, do you really require one.

More often than not, a mid range treadmill is more than sufficient for most individuals. If you would like to shell out more and go for a really high end one, just look at the specs after which determine whether you really require them or not.

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