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Fall of Rome – Decline from the Roman Empire

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Depending on the Myth, Rome was founded during BC 753 by Romulus a son of Mars and first king of Rome, deified as Quirinus: he and his twin brother Remus, left as infants to die inside the banks of Tiber, are suckled by a she-wolf. There are sculptures in Rome depicting this. A brief history of rise and fall of Roman Empire starts from the Hellenic era till the end of monarchy through civil wars.

Rome and Roman Empire
Rome, a small town in the Tiber river bank inherited by Indo-European Hellens, Latins and Etruscans1 later became a large geographical empire and centre of all classical enriched civilization of the world. The most potential and brave king like Great King Alexander of Macedonia and lots of philosophers, historians and eminent scientists the earth has ever seen, were lived in this era and contributed cultural and economic progress for the humanity. The agriculture and industry in Rome were vast during this era. Following the death of Great Alexander, his Commandos started splitting the united states for their shares which continued till BC 30.

During BC 750 Rome became a metropolitan nation under an Etruscan King defeating the Latins. On BC 500, Latins repulsed and droved out Etruscans thereby ending their kingdom.

As a result of constant conquer and evasion by neighboring kingdom, Rome grew with constant wars and increasing brigade of soldiers. They fought ruthlessly with adjacent enemies like Greece, Carthage, and Finish etc. They worked hard in the farms as also within the war field. Their motto ended up being to enlarge the geographical area for settlement to cope up with the increasing population. Later their generation became greedy and imperialists.

Fall of Roman Empire
Depending on available historical information late Roman Kingdom and arousal of your Republic is attributed by suicide of your high-born woman viz. Lucratia who had been molested by Tarkius, a Roman Emperor’s son. Her supporters and husband Lucius T Collatinus2 revolted from the kingdom and following a civil agitation the Tarkians left Rome. However, it is stated that people hated Etruscan rule and agitated against them. Hence at AD 510, Rome applied for a Republican Rule by ending the kingdom. The Republican structure existed about 500 years approx.

Roman Republic
Roman Republic was constituted by two sections viz. Senate and Commissa Curiata. Senate was represented by head of high community known as Patricians and Commissa Curiata was represented by ordinary community called Plebeians. Due to monarchy and political power of Patricians they became rich and nourished exploiting Plebeians who became the down trodden sufferers and slaves who continued to live as laborers. These were denied the share of the land occupied through wars and kept aloof from law enactments.

Hence Plebeians started uniting and resorted to civil disobedience and boycott of their work. They migrated to a hilly terrain and declared formation of independent nation on their behalf. The Patricians fell for their demands and granted more rights in their mind which led to historical administrative reforms viz. Commissa Patricia, Twelve Index Laws, Valerian Laws, and Eleusinian Laws etc. Through these laws, social and economical equality were restored in Rome.

Due to the struggle and boycott of Plebeians in the Senate, they got their rights in enactment of law abiding Patricians also known as Lex Hortense. This established equality before laws to any or all citizens. With this victory, Plebeians had to resort five secessions from the Senate through the five decades i.e. from BC 494 to 28. Next Rome became a Democratic Republic with Executive, Assembly and Senate.

The members of Senate were highly influential and powerful. They had the supreme suitable for tabling the law, amendment, approval even though they were an advisory assembly. They decided the tax, foreign, home and defense policies. In fact, the rule would be a monopoly of elite community including Patricians and some Plebeians.

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