Jun 14, 2011

FarmVille Secrets – Facebook Farming’s Secret Weapon

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Few recent social media phenomena have taken hold in as rapid and convincing a fashion as FarmVille. Having garnered the devotion of over 22.5 million fans in slightly below a year, Zynga‘s meteorically successful game includes a committed following equal to 1% of the world’s population, and allow me to share some FarmVille secrets.

This unprecedented buy-in from such an enormous group of fans is a certain indication of starting a games almost addictive appeal as well as a sure sign that we are sure to see an equally enthusiastic group of FarmVille related service providers developing.

Finally this is already evident contained in the flood of blogs, forums and merchandising designed for FarmVille fans. One of those services that normally appear first are the cheats and tips type sites and forums that give players the chance to tap into the existing knowledge base on the adventure and have the benefit of the experience pro’s experience.

FarmVille promises to work as no different in such a respect with several dedicated FAQ/advice blogs and sites already up and running. Many see these resources as defeating the aim of the game, but there is enormous gaming fans that may beg to differ.

FarmVille is typical of games that may stump players and keep them chasing their tails for weeks if they miss something. This challenging characteristic is certainly part of the games appeal but is also able to cause players to quit the experience in frustration. Watching your farm go broke while your neighbors become agricultural Barons with million dollar villas, masses of land and bumper crops can be a real killer for several players.

And it is not hard to search belly-up with FarmVille. Akin to real world farming the adventure punishes the tardy or inattentive farmer when the rot sets in getting back heading in the right direction could be tough. This competitive edge has seen the development of the many strategies that seek to maximize the farmer’s performance and get it exhausted the shortest time.

These strategies are usual the product of a big chunk of your time spent on the sport and a full lot of tears, frustration and trial and error. Resources like FarmVille Secrets can spare can be farmers these blunders and be sure that the inevitable potholes and snares are avoided.

Considered by many that need be the superior FarmVille guru, FarmVille Secrets Tony Sanders is one the players which includes competent accomplishing this of paying his dues in blood, sweat and buckets of tears and offers new and veteran players alike the advantage of some really solid advice and well thought out strategies.

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