Jun 10, 2011

How Social Media Keeps Booming

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When social media was first designed, its purpose was to provide people with a different way to connect with each other. Social media was designed to bring people closer together, but it evolved into something more. The popularity of such services was never expected, but the growth was astonishing and the potential is still limitless.

Large corporations are using social media as a means of advertisement. Studies show that people do allow social media to influence their purchases; however, many of their purchases are small products like books and music. One reason for this is because people trust the opinions of their friends, so if one person buys something, his friends may buy the product as well. Companies are using popular social media sites to target their customers. Sites like Facebook allow companies to select details of their target audience. The details may be location, age, gender, and interests. After choosing the details, the advertisements are only shown to that audience.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that people aren’t using social media to stay connected. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, said in a July blog post that Facebook has over 500 million users. In fact, thanks to social media, people have found new ways to communicate with each other. Gone are the days when a person had to call someone to talk. Sites like Skype allow people to make video calls to each other. Many conversations on Facebook are started with a simple “status update.” Many people suggest that social media has made humanity better at communicating.

Employers are also using social media to screen possible future employees and keep up with current employees. Social media lets employees know exactly how passionate you are about your job and lets them discover new, ambitious talents. LinkedIn focuses on this service and lets you connect to professional groups, friends and other influential people in your industry or area of expertise. Before this was available, it was extremely difficult to find the right people in certain industries. But now, you can keep in touch with each other; discuss various new strategies and approaches for doing your job more effectively.

Although there have been problems in terms of privacy, there have also been great progress over the years, even in this area. Facebook was under attack for this, but they have worked hard to improve their site’s privacy settings and terms and as a result they’ve advanced this industry significantly. There are a lot other uses for social media. Celebrities and companies are starting to use social platforms for public announcements.

Social media will have a positive impact in our future generations. It will be the driving force to bringing the new generation into a new era. The new era will be a connected one. People will be able to stay in touch with each other at all times during the day. Cell phone companies are already making smart phones that are social media friendly. It will be exciting to see how social media integrates itself into the real world.

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