Jun 10, 2011

A Research Report on Social Gamers – Like RainForestQuest Players

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What are the major demographics of Consumers Playing Social Games like RainForestQuest? (gender, age, ethnicity, and so on) in the typical social game enthusiast? The study covered 5,000 social game players, like those playing RainForestQuest, inside the US and UK, and observed that the average social gamer is usually a 43-year old woman. But the reality is a great deal much more multi-faceted…
Listed here are the kinds of people today playing RainForestQuest along with the like.

Amongst the virtually 5,000 buyers who responded to the survey, even more than 1,200 play games on social networking web pages and platforms at least once a week, qualifying them as “social gamers” for the purposes from the survey.

Two-thirds of all qualified survey respondents are U.S.-based. 55% of all social gamers are female and 45% are male – together with the disparity being even larger among UK buyers (58% vs. 42%). The common age of social gamers is 43, with U.S.-based social gamers averaging 48 years of age compared to 38 for those based inside the UK. Additional, 46% of American social gamers are 50 or older, compared to just 23% within the UK. Only 6% of all social gamers are age 21 or younger.

How Frequent Do Folks Play Games Like RainForestQuest? The vast majority (95%) of social gamers play games like RainForestQuest a number of occasions per week; virtually two-thirds (64%) play at the least after per day. U.S. players have a tendency to play even more frequently, with 68% saying they play day-to-day in comparison to 55% of U.K.-based social gamers. 61% of social gamers say their regular social gaming session lasts even more than half an hour; a single in ten say their common session lasts 3 hours or extra! A lot more than half (56%) of social gamers have been playing social games for alot more than a year.

About one particular quarter (26%) are new to social gaming, having started out playing inside the final six months. About a third (35%) of social gamers say their consumption of social games has increased more than the past 3 months, in comparison to 10% who stated it has decreased.
Playing Preferences For Games Like RainForestQuest Facebook is far and away the most well-known platform for Gamers of RainForestQuest with 83% of social gamers cite Facebook as a location where they play social games, in comparison to 24% who play on MySpace, 7% on Bebo and 5% who play on Friendster. Social gamers spend 39% of all their time on social networking sites/services playing games related to RainForestQuest.

The second and third most well known social networking activities among social gamers are chatting with/messaging good friends (17%) and playing non-social (solo) games (15%). When asked to pick out as lots of reasons as they desired for playing social games from a lengthy list, social gamers cited “fun and excitement” as the most popular motivation (53%). Anxiety relief (45%) and “competitive spirit” (43%) were subsequent most widely used respectively, followed by “mental workout” (32%) and “connect with others” (24%). Virtually half (49%) with the times once they log into social networks, social gamers do so especially to play social games.
Viral Growth/Consumption (RainForestQuest form games).

Social gamers tend to play their preferred games with great frequency. Word-of-mouth will be the most prevalent way that social gamers hear about new social games; 57% of social gamers depend on a recommendation or in-game alert from a buddy whilst 38% said they learn about new games from ads on social networking sites and 27% cited typical Net searches as a supply of data on new social games.
Virtual Currencies when investing in money for RainForestQuest type games Slightly more than half (53%) of social gamer,s like RainForestQuest, say they’ve earned and/or spent virtual currency in a social game, Social Gaming Relationships 62% of qualified survey respondents say they play social games with real-world good friends, even though 56% play with friends they’ve created on the web and 37% say they play with strangers.

When asked to select factors of social gaming that appeal to them – apart from “social interaction” – social gamers cite “friendly competition” (59%), “interactive gameplay” (49%) and “opportunity to win prizes” (35%) as the primary factors; only 24% of UK-based social gamers chose the latter as a reason for playing, compared to 40% of their American counterparts.

RainForestQuest is expected to soon be one of Facebook’s most significant games.

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