Jun 9, 2011

Is Leading a Green Lifestyle The Solution For The Health Of The World?

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Is our planet dying or is it merely a hoax? Is there a conspiracy or are natural resources becoming perilously consumed? Is the solution for people to start living a green life? Will change improve our well being at a time when health costs are rising? The next generation should learn about how to live green to help the planet.

There was a time when most people kept a garden and cultivated some of their own foods. The pleasure of the garden, witnessing it blossom and growing fruits and vegetables is something a lot of children do not experience. Green plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen but how many kids understand this? Our bodies and well being bank on healthy eating, clean air and good drinking water. If the world is to endure, we may have to return to living green.

We live in a planet of gadgets and fast change but is there a price to be paid for this. Our average lifetime may be rising but what about the quality of our lives? There are diseases that we no longer suffer from but there are other risks to our health we need to be aware of. Living green will improve the health of the world and make life worth living. The benefits of green living should be taught to our children.

Our air is full of pollution as a consequence of utilizing traditional fossil fuels, so the need for solar and wind powered energy exists. We have the tendency to react to a problem after it has grown too huge to solve. Are there individuals who are wanting to see the end of our earth? What other reason would there be for the complete contamination of the planet? When is it too late to redress the damage to our water supplies, the air we breathe and the food we eat.

There was an era when the planet moved at a slower gait and people were important for more than just what they were going to buy. The health of an individual have to be supreme rather than any monetary gain through someone being ill. It is time to decelerate, work for the gain of all, and become aware of what is happening to the world we live in.

If we understand that it is not merely about money, we can begin to make alterations such as using wind and solar power instead of oil. How we educate our kids may define the way they live to become more healthy and grow up to a greener way of life. This is the only planet we have, and to be responsible citizens we need to leave it a better place for our children. Developing green living habits should be a priority for every one of us.

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