Jun 9, 2011

Do Inversion Tables Work?

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For those who have never tried it, hanging upside down can be one of the most pleasant experiences. In spite of the fact that it is extremely relaxing, it is only now becoming widely used and that will surprise many people. As well as relaxation, the effect of gravity when inverted brings about back pain relief to many people who have tried everything else without success. Let’s have a look in particular at how back problems can be remedied by inversion therapy using one of the many manufacturers of inversion table that are generally accessible.

The most crucial principal behind using inversion to help your back is that it reverses the compression on your back caused by body weight under the influence of gravity. When reversed this compression becomes decompression. In other words the gravitational force that normally acts to push down on your back actually acts to decompress your back and hence relieves the stresses and forces on this region. This brings relief to the joints and using this method for just a few minutes each day is usually enough to substantially reduce back pains and in many cases to remove them altogether.

You’ll find so many ways in which inversion therapy helps with back pain. First of all the decompression helps to reduce pressure on the nerves that travel along the spine. The inter vertebral separation is increased and this allows more room for the nerves so that there is no more pinching. Pinched nerves can be the cause of the most severe back problems. Sciatica is an instance of nerve troubles.

The inverted position helps to re-hydrate the discs that make up the back bone. The problem with a compressed and damaged spine is that it is difficult for the blood to bring nutrients that will help to repair them and slow down degeneration. By removing the pressure on the discs, inversion therapy helps to repair injured regions.

One of the main factors behind back aches is misalignment of the spine that is caused by years of stress, bad posture and general wear and tear. Decompression while lying inverted on an inversion table allows the back to re-align itself correctly. The pain relief also helps to enhance the other main benefit of inversion, which is as a source of relaxation and stress relief. The two go hand-in-hand, the less the back hurts the more you relax and vice-verse. Relaxation helps to remove tension in the back muscles and this consequently offers relief for the ligaments and nerves.

Subsequent to making use of inversion therapy for just a few weeks many people find that it provides a long-term solution for their back conditions.

You can find out more about inversion therapy tables at the Inversion Table Review website.

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