Jun 8, 2011

Wifi Technology – a comprehension

Wifi network

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The moment wi-fi connectivity technologies was first unveiled, it was envisioned that fixed broadband connection will be abandoned. Nonetheless, that has been a misinterpretation as both wi-fi along with fixed broadband internet technologies have their own usage. Additionally, the wi-fi signal strength, connection stability, consumer experience, ease of use are not the same between both of these technologies.

Consequently, the wifi technology is a compliment to the fixed connection instead of replacing it.

Hence, we would wish to have a look at several facets of wifi technology that might impact the high speed broadband users experience.

To begin with, the high speed broadband users must be aware that there are a few differences in the speed of wifi connectivity as compared with fixed high speed broadband connectivity. And more importantly, the different in speed cannot be avoided whichever isp is providing the internet connection.

In addition to that, wi-fi access speed can also be affected by a number of outside factors, for example:

1. The arrangement of the building
2. Density of the interior wall
3. The existence of some other micro wave emitting devices nearby
4. The actual positioning of the wi-fi modem router in relation to the electronics devices with internet connection.

Most of the wifi routers available in the market are actually based on the 2.4 GigaHertz frequency band. Because a lot of other electronic devices are on the same frequency, the connection speed could very well be adversely affected by the interference from the adjacent electronics.

Nevertheless, there are numerous advantages with the wifi technology. A number of equipments, for instance, PC, laptop computer, tablet PC, mobile phones and other cellular devices can easily share 1 broadband connection using the wifi router. All of these gadgets will be able to connect to the internet from anywhere at home provided it is within the service range of the router.

A few steps can certainly be taken whence the access speed obtain using wifi connection is way lower than fixed connection.

1. Try to using an ethernet cable and then conduct a speedtest to determine the speed compared to WiFi connectivity
. This is done to determine if the problem is a result of the wireless router modem.

2. Check with other people in the event that there are lots of individuals sharing the broadband connection inside the building. There may be one or two individuals who are using all the bandwidth. As a result, causing other people without adequate bandwidth to get a high quality connection.

3. When a specific device is experiencing slow internet connection, rebooting or re-starting might just do the trick. During the restarting process, the operating system and hardware will automatically carry out a diagnostic test and rectify any registry issue.

4. Place the wifi router in the center of the premise if practical. at this place, the wifi signal may well be more evenly spread out throughout the home. As a result, each of the gadgets in several room will have an enhanced likelihood of getting a good quality wi-fi connection.

5. The wi-fi router really should be located clear of major objects in the way, which can be, floors as well as any walls. The further away of the wifi router modem from these limitations, the higher quality the wifi connection will be.

6. Cut down wi-fi signal interference from other electronics equipment by making certain the 2.4 Gigahertz frequency band is reserved exclusively for the wifi router modem.

7. The instant router modem’s firmware has to be kept up to date to the newest version. Please make reference to the owner manual or company’s site for information in upgrading the firmware. In addition, the device driver inside your Mac or PC should be kept to the latest release as it is released by the network adapter manufacturers.

8. The wifi modem router using the newer 802.11n standard provides a stronger wifi signal and better range than the more readily available 802.11b or 802.11g. Gadgets compatible with the 802.11n convention is roughly 3 times speedier compared to the older 802.11g versions. Therefore, updating to a more recent model wireless modem router will definitely improve the access speed too.

To summarize, the users have to accept the fact that wifi technology is be subject to a few outside factors which will limit its ability to give you the maximum broadband internet access speed possible. With the right understanding on the shortcomings of wifi router modem in comparison with fixed connectivity, the users can certainly benefit from the freedom and convenient of wifi connection without any frustration caused by ignorance.


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