Jun 8, 2011

Watch Top Chef Masters Season 3 Episode 9 Washington Post

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Top Chef: Masters (season 2)

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Bravo’s Top Chef Masters returns with a brand new format and 12 new award-winning chefs hungry to compete for the title of “Top Chef Master” and win $100,000 for their charity. This season, the masters will no longer be judged on a scale, but in elimination style challenges just as the tried and true format of the original Top Chef. In each episode, money will be at stake, with the winners of every quickfire challenge winning $5,000 and elimination challenges winning $10,000 for their designated charities. As previously announced, celebrity chef Curtis Stone will serve as the newly appointed host of the series along with returning judge and culinary expert, James Oseland, and new series judge, the legendary food critic and author, Ruth Reichl. Top Chef Masters pits 12 world-renowned chefs against each other to see how well they fare in fierce culinary competition. Each week will whittle down the chefs until the finale where one winner is crowned “Top Chef Master” and receive the grand prize of $100,000 for the charity of their choice. With so much money at stake, the chefs are bringing more than their knives to the table; they’re bringing their egos and stirring up the drama. The chefs must face off in some of the most difficult challenges we’ve seen thus far — including the infamous Restaurant Wars — and they’re serving up food for some master entertainers and celebrity guest judges including: Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, rock group Maroon 5 and pop sensation Kelis, among others. Never let it be said that Bravo is resting on their laurels when it comes to the ‘Top Chef’ franchise. Just a week after ‘Top Chef All-Stars’ wrapped, here comes ‘Top Chef Masters.’ This is the third season, and the producers have revamped the concept dramatically.

Chef Naomi blew it and so did John C. and Celina. They all failed to plate a dish. That was surprising, especially from almost-Iron Chef Celina! The Quickfire came down to Traci and Mary Sue, with Traci winning. Interesting that it was two women chefs standing out … kind of different to ‘Top Chef All-Stars’ where so many of the ladies were axed especially early in the competition (Jen, Elia, Tiffani, et. al). The Elimination Challenge was a ‘Top Chef’ favorite, “Restaurant Wars” … but this was the first time it was done by the masters. These guys know how to open and run restaurants, so it wasn’t surprising that they seemed a lot more proficient than the typical ‘Top Chef’ contestants. “Team Mosaic” was going for diversity, new American cuisine, and they seemed very confident. “Leela” was the other team and they were in the weeds from the get-go thanks to Naomi’s communal dinner idea. It was strange that Naomi, who failed to plate anything in the Quickfire, emerged at the leader of Leela. By comparison, the Mosaic team had both Traci and Mary Sue, and Hugh definitely seemed like a leader. As for the food, Mosaic had a strong line up, and the salad, salmon and short ribs were a hit. Mary Sue’s chocolate cupcake, however, was a dud, and Hugh’s scallop was big … but salty. For Leela, the service was a disaster. After the appetizer course, there was a long wait. … Did I mention it was a long wait? A long … long wait. Or at least that’s how it appeared on television. Before the wait, however, Alex had wowed the critics with a spicy fricassee. When the lamb and halibut arrived, however, things went from bad to worse. Rare lamb’s not good, and the sticky label still being attached to the apple slices was awful. However, Leela salvaged the meal with two superb desserts.

Click Here to Watch: Top Chef Masters Season 3 Episode 9

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