Jun 8, 2011

The nook color v the kindle 3 ereader reviews. plus best ebooks service

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Reader gadgets of electronic books simply referred to as eReaders have gained popularity in recent years. Nook color v the kindle 3 particularly, have been compared for the new devices being launched commercially. eReaders are very useful for people who would like to fuse all books available that they are interested in within one transportable appliance. Evidently, with all the new devices that have been launched to the public by different companies, thousands of books can be uploaded and stored on eReader devices. Whether they are nook color v the kindle 3, these ebook readers all endeavour to provide consumers the best experience a reader could have at the same time every type of eReader may demonstrate distinctive features only their labels have. In terms of the advantages and benefits of an eReader, it’s commonsensical however, as mentioned, every brand that launched eReader devices has additional features that consumers may enjoy using. What a user should know is which one offers the distinctive features that concur with that particular user’s needs. In this regard, comparing eReaders is useful.

Electronic readers like nook color or kindle are not like a laptop, smart phone, or tablet. These devices do not use back lighting. This denotes that they are not like computers that make use of LCD screens in order for the user to see the texts on the screen.

In discussing nook color v the kindle 3, nook color is a recently launched eReader by Barnes and Noble. It has a seven-inch coloured with backlight LED screen. This device has a web browser, Pandora radio, and support for images and WiFi service. Although, the battery life is not as great as the others like kindle 3. A strong feature of nook color is its featured periodicals. The company Barnes and Noble presents widely held publications like the National Geographic, Elle, USA Today, Car and Driver, among other popular magazines. Magazines like the ones mentioned are best presented in color, which is a strong feature of this device.

With the nook color v the kindle 3, the latter has qwerty keyboard as well as page turn buttons that can be used comfortably with both hands. Kindle 3 is very light, in fact the device can be held in just one hand. Its web kit browser is quite good. It has an added feature of free Internet depending to the type of device by kindle 3. The other device has the capacity to play songs with its built-in mp3 player but do not perform as good as smart phones or portable computers. It has a text to speech software application. This distinct feature allows the user to use headphones and make kindle read to the user. It may be unusual to listen to an automated voice that does the reading to the user; however, this feature is only found in a few eReaders.

When looking for ebooks for either device i recommend you use a service called Kindle ebooks Online, this is a subscription based service that allows members to download all the ebooks they like from a huge library of over 40,000 ebooks. This servcie has saved me hundreds of dollars and more every month as i just keep downloading new ebooks that are added to the library all the time. It is also the best service for ebooks for the kindle because it is not a monthly payment subscription but a lifetime membership. No other service compares to this for both the nook and kindle ereaders.

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