Jun 8, 2011

The Arrival Of The Innovative Technology Of Multi Focal Contacts

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Multi focal contacts are playing a massive role inside the fight against age related poor vision. Presbyopia (eye dysfunction due to age related reasons) affects quite a few adults following they cross the mark of 40. In this defective condition of the eyes 1 can hardly focus on items nearby because the lens that is existent naturally inside the eye becomes inflexible. Earlier, wearing eye glasses having bi-focal lenses was the only remedy.

However now due to the arrival of the breakthrough technology of multi focal contacts, persons are locating a new ray of hope in terms of comprehensive treatment. It is extremely easy to understand the distinction between the standard bifocal/trifocal lenses and the multi-focal variety. Inside the case of the former designs, there utilised to be distinct demarcating lines in between the numerous focal points. But this has been done away with in the advanced multifocal contacts where there is an uniform and consistent alter within the contact lens thickness.

Previously individuals had to face lot of hassles given that they would have to look upwards for noticing something at a distance and downwards for the near view. This was accomplished to allow passage of light rays via the thinner section for close view and the thicker section for distant-viewing. So, one had to obtain used to the varying focal thicknesses of the lenses at first. Subsequently when the habit had developed the movement of the eyes occurred a lot more instinctively.

Many different techniques are implemented for the purpose of manufacturing multi focus contacts. Again the focal patterns also vary from one brand to another. For some lenses the look is comparable to the patterns of the bull’s eye with the model of concentric circles. Several brands use the central region for near vision, an outer ring for distant eyesight and an additional ring for close field of vision.

One more category of brands uses the method of a spherical center for close eyesight and the remaining portion of the lens is optimally employed for far-vision. There’s a different variation that is also present inside the structure of multi focal contact lenses. In this style, 1 lens is allotted for wearing on the eye that has a substantial role in viewing (dominant eye) and having a different lens for the other eye, which has a much less vital role to play in viewing ( non-dominant eye).

Due to each one of these variations based upon the manufacturing brands of multifocal lenses, it really is crucial that you seek the guidance of a competent and experienced eye-care specialist/optician. The expert will customize the fitting based on the pattern of focal points that are utilized for ideal viewing.

Following all these have been carried out, make certain that you are placing the contact lens properly on the suitable eyes. One may possibly be amazed to know that for normal eyes too, there exist variations in length thicknesses also as dimensions. Inside the case of men and women experiencing Presbyopia these variations get impeded and that is the reason why testing is performed for acquiring out the dominant and non-dominant eyes. Correspondingly, every contact lens of multi focal contact lenses would be positioned.

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