Jun 8, 2011

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Facebook for Business

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When individuals need to use Facebook for business, it’s generally due to the fact it’s an unlimited lead source and you construct relationships together with your clients/prospects. Relationships are what create businesses for the lengthy term, so not only can you get sales on facebook, but you also keep those sales and get referrals if individuals feel like they trust you.

Social media can be a fast moving trend that’s swiftly taking over advertising, web marketing and advertising and basic social interaction. In the event you wish to get into web marketing and advertising for your business, it is absolutely imperative which you realize social media, particularly facebook.

Side Note: Twitter advertising is also becoming really common for acquiring leads and developing followers.

The average person logs onto facebook every single day and spends at least an hour on it. This means that there is amazing opportunity to make use of facebook for business! Why? Because people are going to keep seeing your face, your ad, and your message over and over and maybe for long periods of time, If you do it proper! If you do it proper you may develop an empire for yourself and create a ton of fantastic relationships along the way. If you do it wrong, your reputation might be at stake, which is why I wrote this weblog these days on the 4 mistakes to avoid when it comes to making use of facebook for business.

I’ve produced a good deal of funds with facebook and have also gotten over 50 sales for my main business by way of it. During the procedure I’ve learned a great deal about what to do, and what NOT to do.
4 Mistakes To Avoid Utilizing Facebook For Business:
Facebook for Business Mistake #1: Copy & Pasting Personal Messages

I get about 10 messages a day that sound something like this, “looking for some other like minded individuals to network with, wonderful to connect.” All of those messages sound the same! Your goal when making use of facebook for business is to never make men and women think you don’t care about them. One of the most annoying things to another individual is finding those messages that are impersonal and don’t build true relationships.

In the event you really want individuals to start following you, friend 5-10 men and women per day and send them a PERSONAL message that pertains to their profile/picture/info or whatever, that can give you a good foundation for conversation. Yes this would take time, but a minimum of you are not so impersonal that no one wants to be your friend anyways. In order to make use of facebook for business properly, you have to learn individuals skills. People skills includes acquiring men and women to like you/trust you.
Facebook For Business Mistake #2: Posting on Other People’s Walls

I don’t mean posting a “hey thanks for the friend request,” or “it’s excellent to meet you” kind of post, I mean a “click my link to join my business” kind of post. Never, ever under any circumstances post a link to your business/fan page or anything unless you know that these folks won’t mind.

People absolutely HATE that. If you don’t believe me and do it anyway (spam everyone’s facebook wall together with your link) they will delete it anyways. Eventually folks will unfriend you and badmouth you to all of their other friends, ruining your fb reputation. You would like to be incredibly professional in terms of utilizing facebook for business. Social media is a place to get to know other men and women, not to spam your business.
Facebook For Business Mistake #3: Arguing On Walls

This one is pretty simple but I have to put it in here simply because a lot of individuals still do it and it drives folks insane! When you are making use of facebook for business, think of your role model and ask yourself, would they do this?

Would someone who has the appropriate posture, is making plenty of cash and is super busy start arguing with a post they dont’ agree with on someone’s wall? NO, because it makes them look bad. It also makes you look like you have too much time on your hands. If someone posts something, whether political or about business or just personal which you don’t like, leave it alone and focus on your own stuff.

Once you start arguing in public, it makes you and your business look unprofessional. I see this a whole lot with competing MLM companies. Someone will post something negative and all of a sudden the claws come out! Before you know it there’s hundreds of comments of individuals arguing about why their corporation is better than yours. STUPID!
Should you wish to use facebook for business in a SUCCESSFUL way, DON’T do this!
Facebook For Business Mistake #4: Asking Folks to Join Your Fan Page

I think this is often a really important one since I get this hammered to me each single day when I’m on facebook. Asking the question again, would your role model (or the person you’re trying to model your success after) ask someone to join their fan page? Absolutely not!

It is one thing if you know the individuals and they are your actual friends, but should you don’t really have a good relationship, please don’t ask them to “like” your fan page! Your fan page is a place where you can develop a professional relationship, but also sell things. Should you wish to sell to individuals you need to give them a reason to buy. No one is going to buy in case you don’t have the proper posture in the first place.

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