Jun 6, 2011

Why don’t children like doing homework?

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Homework has always been a sore point for children as most hate school and like getting out into the fresh air. I know because I was one of them. I loved playing with my friends and talking to them every chance I got. Ask me what I think of homework now? The answer is I can’t really tell you because I don’t do it anymore. Any work I do I get paid for and that’s not a bad thing. But children have to do it even if they hate it. They get nothing for it but a pat on the back and you have to ask yourself if that’s enough?
What can we do to make homework more fun? I mean, that’s a little ironic in itself since not many of us do homework but let me ask you this. If you work in an environment you’re not particular fond of what helps you get the day in? For me it’s the people I work with. Talking to them and generally having some fun while I work.
It’s obvious isn’t it? An 11 year old boy came up with that very same idea only applied it to homework. He didn’t like homework but asked himself how he could make it fun. It all started off as a bit of a game and quickly progressed into something a lot more powerful. It’s a place where students can come together online and have a chat and maybe even help each other with their homework. But that’s not all, teachers can also log into this site to check up on homeworks and even help out if they see fit. If there was something the child didn’t understand in the classroom, he or she is free to ask the teacher that night on the computer. Some kids are embarrassed to hold their hand up in class and admit they couldn’t understand anything. This powerful new web tool eliminates all that giving the child the confidence to ask whatever questions they want to boost their education and make the whole learning experience that much better.
This new service is the only one of its kind out there and it sure to prove a vital key indicator in a child’s performance. There are some things a teacher is able to explain a little better and wouldn’t it be comforting if your son or daughter had the freedom to check up on something they didn’t understand even outside of school? If they don’t feel up to asking a teacher, then there’s always a straight chat with a friend in class who did understand.
You can find out more by going here: www.keystagetwo.com



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