Jun 5, 2011

Green Living Is For Private Citizens And Businesses Alike

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A new organization you may have never heard of unless you are into serious green living is Harvest Power. Syngas and biogas are created by this green business, through the conversion of organic matter, which is usually thrown away e.g. plant waste, food rubbish and woody bits and pieces. Change into natural gas, heat and electrical energy are all possibilities. Harvest Power is paving the way and hopefully a lot more companies will follow, unlocking renewable energy and rendering organic fertiliser from what is normally regarded as garbage. The environment can use many more of these businesses who will handle organic wastes in a reliable manner.

One of the best products of Harvest Power is its compost product that can be added to the soil increase nutrients and organic material. Compost, added to growing mediums like soil, primarily raises the range and quantity of plant nutrients present in the soil. Putting in organic compost to the soil rather than synthetic fertilizers allows for the growing of healthier foods. The great thing about adding compost to your veggie garden is ultimately an improvement in your family’s health. One other advantage of adding nourishing, organic compost to the soil is reducing the power needed for irrigation. This is because healthy root systems are encouraged, keeping water in the soil for longer.

Making use of compost as an alternative to synthetic fertilizers is much better for all of us. It it makes it possible to prevent the environmental problems caused by chemical fertilizers, such as increasing soil acidity, contaminating groundwater, and encouraging the overabundance of nitrogen. Enrishing the soil with compost provides trace minerals which man-made fertilizers don’t, and boosts the healthy growth of organisms. The erosion of topsoil that is taking place on croplands can be reversed by the addition of organic compost. Sustainable lifestyles are supported by healthy soil.

Harvest Power has a wide field of activity, and the company as well engages in good, related things like renewable energy, anaerobic digestion and engineered fuel technologies. What anaerobic digestion does is decay waste with natural organisms and convert it into biogas. Commendable effects of Harvest Power’s activities are manyfold and include several things like enriching soil with compost, seeing good alternative uses for landfill-destined waste, substituting chemical fertilisers and aiding the drive towards clean, renewable energy. If only the environment was a concern of all businesses and everyone followed green strategies.

Being “green” doesn’t require a great effort to be significant – there are numerous seemingly small things that can together become important. Most people were told at a young age to not waste food. Even with that, it is nonetheless a great problem to waste so much food. An A Swedish company has calculated that food wastage of a staggering 50% happens between the production and consumption of food. In 2004 a study discovered that 10% to 15% of nontoxic food in America was discarded, amounting to about $43 billion. That wastage alone is terrible, but it also causes one to ask about the wastage of water. Well, it was found that water wastage in America of 40 trillion liters occurs annually. That is enough water for half a billion people. Nearly everyone could do things to conserve water.

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