Jun 4, 2011

Terrific Ways To Guarantee That Your House Is More Friendly To The Environment

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With the consequences of global warming becoming ever more apparent its now even more important to do our bit for the environment. Most people have no idea where to begin but the best thing is that it can be done right now in your own home with minimal effort. The consequences of becoming significantly more eco-friendly is not only valuable to the environment but it will also help you save money. Imagine, you will end up using less resources and so you are leaving a smaller impact on the environment and at the same time, using less means that you will have fewer expenses.

We will now think about a few ways to make this happen and understand how we are able to be more environmentally friendly.

Just think exactly how much water you use day after day. Lots of water is used when running the bath, flushing the loo and when taking a shower. Of course, you cant skimp on these things but what can be done is make them more efficient. For instance, your loo could be substituted for a dual flush model. After the toilet has been used, this will deliver two flushes, the first one being strong and using an initial burst of water and the second one will give a soft flush that delivers a small amount of water. This can certainly help to save a lot of water in the course of a year!

Your main floorboards can also be environmentally friendly. Your floor can be made of a number of materials, quite a few being more eco-friendly than others. Study shows that cork is particularly environmentally friendly. The reason is because cork doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals which makes it a good material to use for your floor at home. Additionally, it is incredibly comfortable and has an extended life duration. The first idea that may pop into your head when you think of cork is most likely a wine bottle but its time to start realizing that it is a great material to try and use to be more eco-friendly. In addition, cork comes in many different designs so it can be very stylish as well.

If you really would like to save money and the environment, why don’t you get your electricity from the sun? Despite the fact that it is a bit of a financial investment, solar panels can be an excellent energy source This form of free energy can save you a large amount of money in the long term once the solar panels have been paid off. Your boiler usually uses a large amount of electricity but the good news is that you can also get a solar powered one at a sensible price which will also be a good saving on a monthly basis.

You can furthermore do minor things to avoid wasting electricity. Turn off lamps any time youre not in the room or if you dont need them on. Remember that the small amount of energy you’ll save as a result will add up over the months and years. Besides this detrimentally impacting our environment but its also wasting your money. You can also switch old style light bulbs with new types that are much more efficient to save power. Along with lights, you should likewise turn off consumer electronics when youre not using them. If you happen to always leave your router switched on or your Television set on standby then power it down! Electricity is used in huge amounts when you find moving parts and even small lights which all adds up in the long term.

As you can see, some of the things that you can do in becoming more eco-friendly are quite large but bear in mind that the small things need attention too and can make a big difference. Its more important at this moment than it has ever been to carry out your bit for the environment.

The www.thegreenlivinghub.com site gives you information on green living and also has a great article on making your house eco friendly.

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