May 30, 2011

White Wine – Matching The Wine To The Food

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For hundreds of years we have been harvesting grape vines for the main function of creating wine, resulting in a scrumptious beverage. Everyone enjoys a bottle of wine from the wine merchants, whether its for drinking with your dinner or for sipping on while you relax in the sun in the garden.

Countries That Make Wine
While some countries choose to produce wine and consume it within their own country, most export their wine all over the world. The main countries which produce large amounts of wine are those that have a warmer climate such as Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy & Spain.

Germany & Hungary have a much cooler climate than most of the wine producing countries yet still produce a large amount for export all over Europe. South America has also started to produce some really high quality wines from areas such as Chile and Argentina which are exported all over the world.

Sweet Wines
Depending on a huge number of different criteria, within a certain type of wine there is still a wide selection of different flavours and tastes available. You can combine a sweet wine with a light snack such as fruit or cheese or simply enjoy it on its own.

A varietal wine is the name given to a type of wine which is made purely from one type of grape rather than a selection of different grapes. Reisling is the most common sweet varietal, however Gew?rztraminer and Chenin Blanc can also be sweet wines. Some blended wines may also be sweet depending on which grapes have been used to create the wine.

Dry Wine Types
Dry wine, much like pretty much every other wine can vary quite a lot depending on many different factors such as the age and origin. Chardonnay is the most popular type of dry wine. Fish and poultry are the two main dishes which Chardonnay sits with best.

Dessert & Apertif
Dessert wines are obviously sweet and are best enjoyed sipped from a small liquor glass and include variants such as Muscat and Sauterne. An Apertif on the other hand is dry or semi-sweet, but not too sweet and is also to be enjoyed in small quanitites. Sherry & Champagne are a couple of wines which could be used an as aperitif.

The food you are planning to have and the tastes of the guests are just a couple of the factors which will determine which wine is the right one for your occasion.

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