May 30, 2011

Is Red Wine Good For Your Health

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With many talks of banning alcohol in public places, stopping supermarkets displaying it in prominent places and the wine merchants being forced to increase the price of wine, many people are debating that certain red wines should be excluded from these practices. Experts have carried out a number of studies that have proven drinking certain red wines can be beneficial to your health compared to if you do not drink any red wine.

Resveratrol“, the antiodants in red wine, are found in very high levels in the skins of grapes and also in the seeds of the grapes. Due to the long fermentation period, each bottle of red wine contains a high amounts of “resveratrol”.

The antioxidants which are found in such high levels in red wine are believed to help fight lots of illnesses and diseases which we will now cover below.

1) Neurodegenerative diseases such as A;zheimer’s and Parkinson‘s can be prevented or at least delayed by the antioxidants in the red wine.

2) Red wine is also thought to help keep your heart healthy. By increasing the levels of good cholesteroal in your body, drinking red wine helps to combat the bad cholesterol which can help to reduce the risk or a stroke or heart attack.

3) By cleansing your body of harmful toxins the red wine can belp in reducing the effects of diarrhea, food poisoning and dysentery.

4) Red wine contains polyphenols which can help to reduce any bacteria or infection in your mouth which can help with gum disease which is often common in smokers.

5) Due to the high levels of the antioxidants known as “resveratrol” in red wine it is thought that it may be able to help cancer cells spreading, or at least slow down the rate at which they spead.

6) Dementia can be slowed down and even decrease the possibilities of it happening in the first place if red wine is consumed in moderate amounts on regular occasions.

7) Skin cell damage can be reduced by drinking red wine which can help to keep your skin looking healthy and young.

8) Those that suffer with high blood pressure may benefit from drinking red wine. The red wine can act as a blood thinner which would reduce your blood pressure.

You should consult your doctor before starting to drink any sort of wine for any health benefits as it may have adverse effects or may not actually help you.

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