May 28, 2011

Why Kettlebells Are an Effective Weight Loss Tool

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Until recently, kettlebells weren’t well known outside of Russia but now they’re everywhere. Kettlebells are now highly recommended for improving strength and fitness as well as losing weight. Can these oddly shaped weights really be effective for losing weight? The evidence seems to support this, as many people have lost weight and gotten fitter by using kettlebells. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the features of kettlebells and how they can help with your weight loss efforts.

A lot of people are fond of kettlebells because of the array of types of exercises you can perform with them. One of the biggest challenges with exercise programs is sticking with it and keeping it attention-grabbing. If you find a workout too boring or repetitive, it’s easy to start making excuses not to do it. Kettlebells offer you a variety of routines so that you don’t have to get into a furrow. Aside from this, many people find the swinging motions that you do with kettlebells more enjoyable than the straight lifting you do with regular weights. The movements are more vigorous, which not only provides you with several more advantages, like speeding up your metabolism, but it’s also more entertaining. When you begin putting kettlebells to use, it’s important to be confident that you’re using them the right way and very carefully. You don’t want to just start lifting them in any random way, as you could injure yourself and you won’t be getting the maximum benefits. You may wish to keep your eye out for a kettlebell class at your local gym, or you could acquire a good instructional DVD. Also, you can come upon some decent instructions on the Internet, on YouTube and a plethora of video sites. Though you want to work out on a regular basis, you also don’t want to work out in a mad dash. Don’t try to work out every day, but always rest one day in between workouts and increase the weights gradually.

Kettlebell training has the ability to assist you in burning calories not just when you’re working out, but also afterwards. This is related to the afterburn effect, also referred to as EPOC (Excessive Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), something you can only get out of powerful, anaerobic workouts. This isn’t an effect you get out of most other sorts of exercise, which means you need to do them a lot longer in order to reap the same benefits. Your metabolism is increased for up to an entire day following an intense workout, which is the reason you should always take a day of fin between kettlebell sessions. This is one of the issues that make this an enormously efficient sort of exercise to do if you’re trying to lower your weight. Kettlebells offer you an efficient work out so you can lose weight and get in better condition. Kettlebells can used in many ways even though we’ve only covered a few of their many benefits. If you want a truly effective method for burning fat and improving your health, kettlebells are definitely worth trying.

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