May 28, 2011

Kidney Stones -Some of the Major Symptoms

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Since there are several types of kidney stones and they can be of any size, symptoms vary quite a bit from one person to the next. Large and painful stones require medical attention, while smaller ones can often pass harmlessly out of your system without much trouble. In order to help you recognize the symptoms of kidney stones, we’ll be looking at some of the major ones in this article.

The most telltale, and commonly known, symptom is intense pain in certain areas. Where the pain is felt will vary and be dependent on the stone size and where it is. Some people can experience this acute pain in their abdominal area while others may be in the lower back or groin. One very common statement by those who have had kidney stones is the pain is significant and unlike any other they have had. Kidney stones are not something to fool around with, and you should call your physician’s office for further instructions. After you get through the current situation, you need to discuss preventative actions for the future.

You may notice that your urine has blood in it when you have kidney stones. There will often be some alteration in the appearance of urine when kidney stones are present. Another sign to look out for is if urine has an orange or bright yellow color, as this suggests that you’re dehydrated, which is often associated with kidney stones. Whether it indicates kidney stones or another problem, blood in the urine should always has to be taken seriously and diagnosed professionally. Usually, if you have kidney stones that cause bleeding, you’ll also experience other symptoms as well, such as pain when urinating or spasms of pain in the lower back or abdomen. If someone is experiencing extremely painful symptoms, they may require emergency aid; otherwise, a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

There are many clues you can use to determine if your symptoms are kidney stones or some other condition since the symptoms often mimic other possibilities. Kidney stone symptoms are not affected by a change in body position regardless of whether it’s sitting, laying or otherwise moving around the symptoms will not change. This is the opposite of a muscle related symptom where a simple position change can bring some relief. This pain, if caused by kidney stones, can come in waves and is referred to by the medical society as renal colic. Medical tests are the only real way to know if you have kidney stones although these symptoms are indicative of them. It is normal for people to have differing signs with this condition, and then there is a percentage who exhibit nothing at all. The presence of kidney stones can only be accurately determined by a medical professional. Kidney stones can be caused by a variety of situations, so do not dismiss any pain of the type we discussed.

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