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There is a long list of reasons why Celeste Thorson is the tv star in the adventure television show Destination X, of all her attributes her best one is intelligence. With all the obstacles filming dozens of shows, this adventure seeker didn’t loose her edge , she happily jumped into death defying extreme sports with flair.

What earned her the starring role traveling to Kauai and Las Vegas? What seduced the world become fascinated by with Celeste Thorson? Why is she a fan favorite? How did she start living every woman’s dream and become every man’s dream girl?
Overall, what makes Celeste so unique? Here’s what we think about her hypnotic recipe.

What a beautiful baby!-
Born Celeste Thorson to a painter and an a Marine, she acquired the best of both sides of the family, it’s no wonder why she is a combination of elegant and ambitious. Her father is of Korean and Scottish Irish descent, while her mother is Lebanese, Spanish with a little bit of Apache, which explains Celeste’s fabulous look. Celeste has a face that changes like a chameleon and without knowing her heritage is very difficult to pinpoint her ethnicity.

Celeste has very noticeable features from her pouty lips to her almond eyes and defined cheekbones. Though popularity can bring a lot of negativity, she has not had any plastic surgery and is perfectly natural. Many women are envious of her modelesque curvy body. Hollywood has become envious of her hot body as well.

Heart of a champion-
Celeste is consistently sharing her passion for charities with her fans. Many actors do good things when the cameras are there, but use non-profit to get ahead in their careers. In her early years, she was very excited about human and environmental rights. She worked as a non-profit activist and helped charities like Save the Children, Sierra Club, Human Rights Campaign, CALPIRG and Greenpeace. It is certain she had good intentions before she became famous and her love for helping others is true.

She got the adoration of the world with her grace and dreams.

Connect online by checking Showtimes or visiting her Supermodel website.

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