Are Content Curators the power behind social media influence?

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The Curators are the greatest consumers of content AND the greatest contributors—including sharing. That makes Curators a hub and the easiest users for marketers to reach. Curators, like me, are actively looking for information to share with others, and actively spreading the word. Content Curators are the best online friend a marketer

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Content Curator Tom George

Founder and CEO of Internet Billboards. A futurist and serial entrepreneur, as well as a professional fitness trainer, martial artist, and business strategist. Helped to develop inbound advertising. An avid content curator who enjoys finding those digital gems out there in cyberspace and sharing them with others.

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  • Giuseppe Mauriello

    Other great article about new trend “Curation” of Social Media’s information.
    I posted it on my topic on here:

    • Tom George

      Thank you Giuseppe I will be sure
      to give it a read. I really like and from what
      I hear they have some more great added functionality
      coming within the next few weeks and the CEO is coming
      over to the US to ignite things, although everything is already
      going exceedingly well.

  • Tom George

    Hi Angelica,
    I am happy you found it a useful explanation. I can tell you are someone who can really appreciate the art of content curation. I encourage you to explore this new way of gathering information, sharing and learning.

  • Angelica

    I am just getting into this new and undiscovered world. It looks great and useful, given how communication media are changing. Thanks for this well-detailed explanation!