Apr 26, 2011

Yokto Get Ready Video Curation Is Here

Written by : Tom George| 3 | Content Curation

A New Kind of Video Platform!

A player people can follow With Yokto leverage the collective power of over a billion originally-created videos and millions of presentations to captivate and inspire your audience. Simple sharing options make spreading links back to your site and content super easy. When users share links to videos they see in your Player, they share links directly back to your site and nowhere else!

Blog Video Curation Simplified!

Search & collect from multiple sources

Powerful content search and curation tools make finding the perfect video or presentation easy. Search all your favourite video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Ustream and many more and curate into an easily shared, true multi-media player that you can embed anywhere!

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  • Anonymous

    Hey guys, we’ve just released a new player and made a whole heap of changes to the site (http://yokto.tv). Sign up for your totally FREE account now and we’ll even throw in a months free access to our Pro account 😀

    Stay awesome and thanks again for your support!

    Ooj – Team Yokto

    • Thanks for giving me a heads up on your update,
      I really like your video curation service so can’t wait to check it out.

  • Interesting new platform video curation.
    I just shared it here on my Scoop.it topic: http://t.co/8OBS8Dm

    • Hi Giuseppe, yeah I thought Yok.to was a great new video
      curation platform, I have already used it to curate in some posts.
      I especially like the way you can arrange the videos in different fashions
      and styles before you embed them. Anyway thanks for the great input and I will
      be sure to curate some Giuseppe content. I also have an open invitation for anyone
      to curate content onto Internet Billboards.

      • Hi Tom,
        thank you for appreciation!
        Yes, I agree with you. Moreover I am surfing these new trends in many different platforms.
        Give me your next updates by email.
        Stay tuned!

        • Thanks Giuseppe I am happy we made a LinkedIn
          connection. You can see some of the other cuation
          tools I am using, for example Pearltrees.com Storify.com
          I like curate.us there are quite a few more, they seem to be popping
          up everywhere. I really like the content you have put up on Scoop.it so far
          I am following you there.

          • I have seen your follower to me. Thank you so much!
            I joined on the best platforms, but now I am curating especially Scoop.it.
            I started also other topic about Marketing Strategy and Business: http://is.gd/BeeHFH .

          • My pleasure Giuseppe I will talk to you soon,
            keep up the excellent content curation. Amazing to me
            this level of communication and your in Italy while I am
            in the US. Have a great day.

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