Feb 27, 2011

Scoop It On Internet Billboards Digital Curating Content Is The New Technological Goldmine

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Welcome to Internet Billboards, thank you for visiting. Your eyeballs mean a lot to us, although I am sure they mean more to you in your head. Content curation tools are a hot and spicy topic right now. Take a look inside a digital content curators toolbox, to see a few of the curation tools used to search the web for pieces of digital gold. The title “Scoop It on Internet Billboards Digital Curating Content Is The New Technological Goldmine” is a bit of a pun on words. Scoop.it is a favorite curation tool of mine for finding organizing and sharing content, so check it out.

I hand selected over 30 pieces of digital content for you over the last three weeks, so get in my head, OK. You better, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

So follow along with the story of one bad a** content curator. Did you like some of the articles and topics scooped for you? What do you mean you didn’t check it out, do it now, you can always return to Internet Billboards later, you are like some kind of digital pirate aren’t you?

So I had a post titled five networking sites worth joining, truth be told not as many as I liked joined. I had to rock our Facebook page here so if you like us and you know it clap your hands, wait a minute, how about follow the scoops then Fan the Facebook page. Right! Right!

Are we having fun yet? If you are new to Internet Billboards, we are pioneering the art of inbound advertising. I see the content curation tools as a way to further advance the inbound marketing attraction factor. What would really be cool, is if we could get a little animation or social connection in the images. I said this just in case Scoop It is listening.

Next please visit the the Internet Billboards newspaper, well not really, it is powered by paper.li and has a nice paper like format with content fetched by the Twitter pooch.

Clipped from: paper.li (share this clip)

So back for more huh! Listen, these are your Internet Billboards. I would love to see your content here, curated with a nice image of your website and three or four paragraphs of your message filled with your keywords, and links, shared virtually everywhere in social media, that not only rocks on Internet Billboards, but gets broadcast out for you to our network. Yeah baby these aren’t the billboards in your grocery store, these are the Internet Billboards. Come on people, this is a real juicy one time ad buy for to rock some inbound advertising, it is only $25.00 dollars, but wait, you get more. I feel like one of those guys on TV, but wait if you order now.

I don’t want to over sell this thing here. Truth be told I am starting to get a little worried about you, I think I have to draw you a treasure map. Yeah that is exactly what I will do, I will draw you a picture, and then I will curate the treasure map. For now I guess you will just have to settle for this.

I hope you appreciate the subtle undertones, and have a great evening. I am looking forward to helping you succeed.
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