Sep 12, 2010

Content Syndication Services The Internet Fuel To Drive Your Social Media Brand

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Content syndication is what Internet Billboards as a company is pioneering and is an extremely important part of our business model as it should be yours, getting your content plastered all over the web that is. Think about it there are literally thousands of sites to distribute content to, some carry more weight than others, but all of them will help you in one way or another, from improving your organic SEO, with great natural back links, to creating more Fans of yours on Facebook to getting you re-tweeted. This is the wave of the future and the fuel to drive your brand forward with social networking and social media marketing campaigns.

There are some companies worth mentioning that we are aligning with and we listed them below. With people on social networks in the hundreds of millions and individuals building large and attentive followings the reality is that a good content syndication strategy, supported by the right set of tools and the correct technique can take your business to the next level and can put possibly many thousands of targeted website visitors in front of your product or service in a matter of days. The difficulty is doing this on your own; it takes time, focus and a dedicated plan of action leaving little time for those all important online business tasks such as product design and development, customer service and cash flow management. So, that said, let’s take a closer look at a few services to see what’s out there to take some of the workload away and help you build your online empire using the power of content syndication. By the way I feel compelled to mention that when you join our own social network at http://socialsuccessclub.comInternet Billboards will distribute your content you ad there such as your Youtube videos, pictures blog post and links for free, not a bad place to start. So be sure to join today.

What is Content Syndication?
Content syndication is simply a system or method that allows the republishing of articles, news items, press releases, blog posts, videos or any other form of original material through various social media channels such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Article directories such as Article Payday and more.

On the internet, there are quite literally thousands of different media properties to distribute content to, creating an accessible and powerful means of distributing your content. This is the power behind content syndication and why it is the fuel to drive your brand forward.  
There are many out there already arguing the point that syndicating your content could be the most critical factor that keeps your Internet business afloat in the next few years. Natural traffic is essential for your success online and with the price of paid advertising, more and more website owners have realised the future is in their own content creating hands if they are to gain higher search engine visibility and rankings.
One of the most common misconceptions about social media marketing (SMM) in general…and about using content syndication tools and services, is that it’s about creating artificial back-links. Content syndication when used correctly should generate what we call in bound advertising “Social Buzz” as it’s primary goal and natural back-links and references as a secondary bi-product. It is accepted by many that “Social Buzz” is in itself a ranking factor and one which will help you to get the kind of visibility you’re looking for. But it shouldn’t be confused with back-link building, which is a unique and equally important part of your online business plan. Also as I have stated in previous posts, the idea is to get the ROC, that is return on conversations, that is what you are really after.

Although it is possible with the use of software to create or force “anchor text” with a submission to a social network or bookmarking site, this is not natural and gets frowned upon by the social networks. Many are now adding a no-follow attribute to these links and sites themselves are beginning to de-index multiple submissions with identical anchor text, descriptions and tags and suspend users accounts.
Joining a content syndication network with the right tools in place can add power to your social media marketing plan than you could ever imagine. Take a look at the link above to examine the fastest content syndication system out there.
There are a number of content syndication services out there in the marketplace and with some research and a clear picture of your needs you can find the right service to meet you business objectives. If you’re a serious publisher then here are my top three content syndication platforms for you to think about in no particular order.
• Daylife

Daylife is a cool aggregation and distribution tool. This platform pulls different content from right across the web, ads it to your own and then distributes it to your website where deemed relevant. This is a great way to build content for your niche specific site fast and with real depth, so there is no surprise this is in my top three content syndication services. It’s content distribution partners include Newsweek, The Washington post, USA Today, Sky News,and a few more to make this a powerful and potentially viral marketing tool for your social media campaigns.
• Sphere
Sphere lets you to syndicate your content on high-traffic websites and increase your overall website visibility. You can distribute relevant content automatically to places like The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Newsweek and a number of other high-traffic sites. For the big fish this pond offers a lot; the ability to integrate contextual articles and videos on other sites and a purpose built redistribution widget to carry your content even further. The widget itself is the key to how this service (which is free to use) is monetized. Ad agencies pay a fee to advertise through the Sphere widget on partner websites and with big platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and a number of others on the menu it looks like this is a fairly lucrative partnership.
• Gigya

Gigya is another widget based content syndication platform and a pretty good one at that. It offers the ability for you to track and earn from your content through the distribution and sharing of web widgets. The entire benefits of the Gigya service is better understood from inside your own account but if you’re looking for a way to add revenue as well as content to your site then this could be for you.
Content syndication can feel like an uphill battle at times and if you’ve been feeling left behind in the great race to build an internet based fortune and maybe you’re starting to wonder if it’s really worth all your effort and time writing articles, blog posts and creating videos for a handful of viewers to see then I hope this article has helped you to find a clear path to syndication and a way to move forward with your content syndication strategy.

How does Synnd help my marketing?

Synnd has several modules to help you automate your marketing chores…


Run a Bookmarking Campaign for your latest blog post, webpage, PDF, Video or Podcast and watch your search engine rankings climb as up to 800+ people bookmark your content on THEIR social bookmarking accounts using varying titles, descriptions and tags.

This is RAW “Social Buzz”, a relatively new search engine ranking factor. Each bookmark on YOUR content is like a vote for that content. The search engines are paying attention to social buzz. When a group of people all bookmark the SAME CONTENT then the search engines will boost your rankings because your content is seen as valuable and relevant to humans.

MODULE 2: VIRAL BUZZ BUILDING (Syndication Campaigns)

Run a Syndication Campaign (Voting Campaign) and watch as your content is voted up, higher and higher in visibility, gathering momentum and steam as more and more people vote for and comment on your content. Watch as other website owners come in and link to your content and spread it to other social networks. It can be like an unstoppable snowball rolling downhill getting bigger and bigger… If your content is worthy of spreading that is. If it’s not worthy of spreading, run a bookmarking campaign to boost it (and your keywords) in the search engines.

Whether you run a Bookmarking or Syndication campaign or BOTH is of no consequence. The Social Buzz generated will propel you to the top of the search engines for the key terms contained within your content.

See this recent case studyof how Synnd can effect massive traffic through this module alone.


Imagine having your latest content or blog post re-tweeted all over Twitter… 800+ real Twitter accounts maintained by our 800+ members can “automatically” re-tweet your content to their followers. This is great for building more followers and getting immediate traffic.


In 3 weeks we will open the new Article Syndication engine. Imagine submitting a single article to Synnd and having it automatically submitted (with variations) to the TOP article directories automatically while you focus on other things.

Here are the networks Synnd currently supports across all modules:

Twitter Digg Reddit
Mixx Delicious Diigo
Folkd JumpTags Searchles
CoRank Faves Wirefan
Bibsonomy MyLinkVault Mister-Wong Connotea SpotBack
Blurpalicious Bookmark4You GetBoo
OneView Gravee  
Coming in 3 weeks (Article Directories)  
EzineArticles GoArticles ArticleAlley
Buzzle ArticlesBase ArticlePool
Helium ArticleDashboard ArticleCube

We started with the top networks that were proven to effect SEO and to initiate the viral spread of content. For article directories we have started with the “proven” most effective directories to help influence your search engine rankings and authority.

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Tom George

Founder and CEO of Internet Billboards. A futurist and serial entrepreneur, as well as a professional fitness trainer, martial artist, and business strategist. Helped to develop inbound advertising. An avid content curator who enjoys finding those digital gems out there in cyberspace and sharing them with others.

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