Aug 27, 2010

Win Win Situations Are More Abundant In Social Media Networking Then Marketing

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Thomas here,

Win Win Situations Are More Abundant In Social Media Networking then Social Media Marketing. If you shift your mindset from that of trying to be like a fortune 500 company doing social media marketing, to simply someone networking, and are open to finding ways to help people first, you will get much better responses from people and ultimately much better result’s. Do you feel like this sometimes? I know I do.

This is a unique time to be involved in the social media networking and marketing evolution that is taking place right now. So this post is on social media networking which is what 95% percent of us need to be doing right now, at least in the beginning. Follow me on this it’s that important. The big companies can say they are doing social media marketing. I will tell you why.

The big companies already have customers and brand recognition. Everyone knows Coca Cola and Mcdonald’s. I will use in my opinion the four or five biggest social media sites right now and mention the pros and cons of each and why you should simply be doing social media networking on these sites and not social media marketing.

Look just try to be helpful. You will achieve better result’s with social media networking then trying to do social media marketing in the beginning. I see it clearly. The same rules apply online as in real life. You need to make friends and be helpful first, create trust, create desire and I will tell you what you will be helping yourself at the same time. That is WIN WIN Social media networking. The power in the network is in the relationships you have with the people in the network, not the sheer numbers, they have to have experienced you somehow or think positive thoughts about who you are as a person, or at a minimum understand what your company is all about.

What would you rather have 100,000 twitter followers you got using following software, or 10,000 followers who all worship the ground you walk on because you helped them?

OK let’s get to it. I will state my case. Hopefully you didn’t say the 100,000 Twitter followers from your software, if you did keep reading, and if not please keep reading anyway.

Let’s start with the strategy that ninety eight percent of people are using to obtain results with social media marketing. The final result is and must be traffic from a variety of social media sources that comes to your website, interacts with you and provides their information and who you are finally able to get as a customer, am I right? So in order to achieve this goal you must have many things going for you. A good reputation and perhaps some social proof, like testimonials etc. An excellent product or service, a great website that made a lead capture possible, a good system in place to follow up. All these things have to be working well to get you good results. This is not that easy to achieve people. Allow me to be the Devils addvocate here for a moment OK. If you look at the percentage of companies that are able to do this with any succes, it is slim to none, and slim just left town.  

Here is why you should do social media networking Instead. It’s a proven FACT being nice friendly, sociable and helpful first works. Let’s start with Twitter.

Twitter is a great communications tool, but do you actually know how many people are clicking on your pages? Probably not that many. Do you know how many of those clicks are converting, not many. What if you had a 1 in10,000 ratio would that make you change your Twitter strategy. Would you Tweet 10,000 times to get a single customer? No you would say, there has to be a better way, and there is. This idea of simply using Twitter to get people to click on the big headlines and your affiliate offers and your websites only is ridiculous. This is not the most effective way to use Twitter. It is not what it was designed for. Twitter can be an effective social media marketing and customer service tool if you are 1800 Flowers or Coca Cola OK, no one wants to click every single link and read a short story or novel, who has time for that. No one cares about your trivial facts or is interested in getting their social celebrity gossip or news from you. That’s why they have CNN and Entertainment Tonight, of which you are niether.

Instead with Twitter you communicate, it’s all about the @yourname, just not yours. Start conversations, converse with someone, then look at what they do and simply suggest a way to be helpful to them. Check your mentions. They will respond back to you. You then simply figure out a way and suggest how you can both benefit from working together and network. Even simple Retweets can be powerful. The trick is though you must be able to continue the conversation or dialogue off of the Twitter platform. 140 characters is only good for so many things and you don’t need everyone in your Twitter Business anyway.  The Robert Kawasaki gentlemen who wrote Rich DAD poor Dad stated networking is a great way to become wealthy, and he is right, it truly is. The power is in the numbers that have experienced you brand though. So what is a logical place to get them off of Twitter and into another environment to mutually benefit from?

Personal Social Media sites. This stuff is such a no brainer. I am sorry but I am going to get to Facebook next, and it’s late 2:18 am and I am writing this post, not knowing how many will even read it or care, but again I just want to be helpful and seriously this is such a no brainer. What would the alternative be? Your blog, yeah ok, but it doesn’t really give you any of the same abilities to collaborate and share information the same way as having your own social network does. Does that make sense? You should connect on the personal social media site first, then maybe the Blogs.

Facebook, what a story, this guy Mark Zuckerberg started this company from his dorm room. He is laughing his but off now. He thinks we are all stupid, or you are all stupid, he does, he thinks that. I am not suggesting it is stupid to use Facebook because it’s not, it’s just here is a guy who had virtually no life.

The movie is coming out soon, and the story is right there to watch. Here is a guy who was a total nobody, at least this is what is portrayed in the movie, I don’t know exactly how true that is, but perhaps he felt he was not very popular and a dork. A guy who developed the most narcissistic self serving application in the history of humanity, and now he is popular because you all use it to update your friend status of which half, if not most all of these so called Facebook friends are people you never even met, of which the only one who you can’t get rid of or unfriend is Mark Facebook Zuckerberg.

So now it gets better they have places on FACEBOOK, so you can track your FACEBOOK friends and totally scare the sh** out of this Facebook Babe when you are like HEY whats up were FACEBOOK friends wanna get a Fu***** Latte HOTTAY, POKE POKE, can I poke you. Truthfully I wouldn’t give a rats A** if Zuckerberg banned me from his Jack**S book for eternity, seriously I could care less, but anyway, what a rant huh, I love blogging. Now I here Mark or Mr. Facebook is suing a company because they have book in their name. What a crock of sh**, this company is going overboard now, come on. I’m no Harvard Lawyer, but Imagine that “book”. That would be like with my fitness company suing another company for putting fitness in their name.      

To Mark Facebook Zuckerburgs defence I will say he is obviously very smart. I will say Facebook probably does just as much good as it does at perpetuating peoples vanity. I have some friends that use Facebook in a remarkable way. They don’t have 5000 BUDS, but they have some quality friendships on Facebook, they stay in touch with their friends and family, maybe also in Mr. Zuckerburgs defence this is what was in his heart when he whipped this up, that and a little action. Their is nothing wrong with wanting to have friends or being noticed. It is a hard world sometimes, just remember that, no one wants to feel alone and lonely, and worthless.

Anyway I got a little winded and this post went on a little longer than I intended it to. I will save the other two or three social sites for my networking angle for later, maybe LinkedIN and Foursquare with DIGG OK.

I would like to emphasize that my strong feeling again is that personal social media sites will grow exponentially for a variety of reasons this is the best place for a multitude of reasons to invite people to for Social Media Networking OK. The biggest reason is they are viral. If you come to my social site for Internet Billboards, at you will see what I am talking about, and I will be so happy. You have my word I will help you first, if I can, and in so doing will also eventually help myself.

To your Success,

Tom George


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Founder and CEO of Internet Billboards. A futurist and serial entrepreneur, as well as a professional fitness trainer, martial artist, and business strategist. Helped to develop inbound advertising. An avid content curator who enjoys finding those digital gems out there in cyberspace and sharing them with others.
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Tom George

Founder and CEO of Internet Billboards. A futurist and serial entrepreneur, as well as a professional fitness trainer, martial artist, and business strategist. Helped to develop inbound advertising. An avid content curator who enjoys finding those digital gems out there in cyberspace and sharing them with others.

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